Dosa Balls

Rukmini had participated in a contest and this recipe was appreciated by everyone. This is a simple recipe easy to make and healthy to eat.


Spicy Dosa Balls Ingredients

100 gm Fresho Idly Dosa Batter

5 Green Chillies

5 Red Chillies

Oil to fry



Step 1 :

Grind the red and green chillies to a powder.

Step 2 :

Mix it into the Fresho Idly Dosa Batter.

Step 3 :

Heat the oil and add a spoonful of oil into the batter.

Step 4 :

Drop small balls of the batter into the oil.

Step 5 :

Fry until they turn golden brown.

Step 6 :

Serve as it is or with a tomato or cheese dip.