Instant Idli Powder

This Instant Powder can be made once and stored for months. Whenever you need a quick breakfast, this powder can be mixed with water and within minutes hot idli will be ready.


By preparing this instant idly powder and storing it, you can make idly whenever you want. Two-minute-idlis can be easily made with this instant mix.

Idli Rice - 2 cups

Urad Dal (full) Black Lentil non-split - 1 cup

Asafoetida - a pinch

Salt - To taste


Soak the rice for about 3 hours.

Drain all the water and powder the rice.

The powder should not be very nice, it should be coarsely ground.

You can grind with a mixer grinder or get it ground in a grinding shop.

Grind the urad dal and menthi seeds to a fine powder.

Mix all the ingredients including salt and asafoetida (optional).

Mix well for a couple of minutes.

Keep the mix in the refrigerator.

Whenever you want to make idli take the required amount of the mix, add a little water to make idli batter. Mix with water and pour on idli plates. If you mix with water and leave it overnight, the fermentation may make the idli's softer. You can also add a couple of teaspoons of oil to the batter.

Some people like a little sour taste in the idlis. For this curd or yogurt can be added to the powder instead of water.