Liquid Chilly Mango Pickle

Kadisar Oorugai or Liquid Chilly Mango Pickle is made with the prepared mangoes. Once you prepare the mangoes you can use it for making a variety of pickles.


Use the mangoes prepared at the first stage. After keeping it for three days drain the water from the mangoes and use it for preparing Kadisar.
Mix the mustard and chilly powder in water. You can use the drained mango water.
Pour the mixture of mustard, chilly & turmeric powder on the mangoes. Mix well.
This can be prepared and kept for a year. The more days the mangoes remain in the liquid the softer they become and they taste better.

Avakkai Pickle or Oily Mango Pickle

Use the same powder as before without water. Pour enough oil to cover the mangoes.